Now that school is back in session, student’s thoughts are turning to studying and being prepared for tests that usually happen on Friday’s every week. Of course, if your kids are going to be able to study, they need to have some food to fuel them through their sessions. As a mom, you know that the snacks they have should be healthy, but they need to be good and yummy as well. With that being said, read on below for a few of the top yummiest snacks to give your children as they study for all of those test days to come.


Cookies have been a fan favorite with children since the old days, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Whether it’s hot and gooey chocolate chip, peanut butter, or oatmeal, you can’t go wrong when you give cookies for a snack while the kids are preparing for a big test.

Trail Mix

Sometimes, it takes more than a few cookies to keep the kids going when they are preparing for a huge test. Trail mix is not only filling but easy to pop in your mouth while you’re cramming for the big test, instead of having to take a break to eat. Throw some peanuts, almonds, and raisins together and you have the perfect treat to get you through your study session and satisfy you until dinnertime goes around.

Turkey, Ham, and Crackers

If your kids need a little bit more to help them get through their study session, then a plate of turkey, ham, and crackers can be just the thing to hit the spot. You don’t want your kids to be distracted from their studying by a growling stomach, so giving them this treat with a side of cookies will give them the brain power they need to muscle through.

Plenty of Water

While sugary drinks and caffeine may be the drink of choice, they actually burn you out too quickly and keep you dehydrated. Have plenty of water available for the kids while they study and before long they will be handing you that A paper, proud as they can be.

Raw Vegetables and Fruit

There is always something to be said for raw vegetables and fruit as a snack during a cramming session. Add a container of ranch for the veggies and you have the perfect snack to fill the kids up while they study. Once again, these snacks are easy to eat and great when paired with a cookie or two thrown in as well. Nothing spells success like veggies, fruit, and a cookie now does it?

These are just a few snacks that you can prepare to help your kids study for upcoming test days this school year. From veggies and fruit to cookies and trail mix, you can’t go wrong with these snacks. Contact The Black and White Cookie Company today for all of the cookies you need to help prepare snacks for your kid’s upcoming test day study sessions.




Labor Day is the last big holiday of the summer, so it is a marvelous opportunity to serve all your favorite summer foods. If you intend to host a memorable Labor Day cookout, it is important to plan the menu so that you will serve refreshing summer party foods. Think of all summer foods that are seasonal, colorful and ridiculously delicious. A Labor Day cookout is a perfect way for families and friends to bond so you need to serve foods that will lift your spirits and keep the celebrations all day long. Besides, it is advisable to eliminate any frostings but without sacrificing taste.


Eating healthy is important but on a Labor Day cookout, no one has the time. It is, therefore, essential to craft salads that will hit the spot for both the flavor conscious and healthy; a freshly chopped Italian Salad will do the trick. You overindulged during the summer and Labor Day is here, and you are not feeling your best. You want to clean out your system and that of anyone else with whom you might share the fate. A burst of fresh peppers, lettuce and tomatoes will work perfectly well. This salad should not be overly dressed so that the taste of the vegetables can come alive.


Smoothies are a wonderful way of adding optimal amounts of nutritious vegetables and fruits to your Labor Day meal. Fast and healthy, they can be enjoyed any time of the day. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can choose to have a green smoothie- made from leafy, fresh veggies, incredibly healthy and packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, a cleansing smoothie, a tropical smoothie- made with mango, coconut water, pineapple and banana, a summer smoothie, cashew-nut smoothie or a delicious chocolate smoothie. Instead of fruit juices, have these smoothies as they are a richer source of fiber.


For a sweet end of your Labor Day meal, serve desserts. It is time to make great memories for your Labor Day cookout. When the summer sun is shining, it is hard to contemplate spending time whisking, beating and baking on the last big holiday of the summer. Instead of focusing on heavy after-meal options, serve a light and refreshing alternative; a cookie. When serving a dessert for a Labor Day cookout, it is important to introduce a crisp, sweet and more refreshing flavor to the meal. When putting together a Labor Day cookout menu, it should be all about realizing a balance of flavors. So remember with a sweet and refreshing dessert you can bring the meal to a delicious close.

The nest time you are hosting a Labor Day cookout and are looking for meals that taste like a million dollars, try the foods above. They are simple to prepare, easy on your pocket and the epitome of comfort meals. By the end of the day, you will have impressed your guests with these individual meals.

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A new school term is a perfect time to revamp the game plan for packing your child’s lunch. Whether it is just a quick break from schoolwork or for gathering energy levels at a Summer camp, nothing excites a kid quite like a pack healthy lunch. Ditch the cream-filled cakes and over-processed foods and opt for healthy items that pack a nutritional punch. With proper planning, you can stop the morning rush that mostly results in stuffing high-salt, high-fat foods in a bag while your child sprints of to catch the school bus. Here are some foods to pack in your child’s lunch box for a perfect day at school.

Mini-Pizza Thursday

This is probably the lunchbox version of literally every child’s favorite food. Small bread toasts, crackers, baby pitas or flatbreads are all possible options for pizza to fit your child’s little hands. You could even involve your kids to gather the ingredients and let them pick on the choices they love best. You can go ahead to add various colorful fruits and vegetables for a wholesome meal. Also, remember to include an element of fun!

Mediterranean Monday

For your child’s lunchbox, a healthy Mediterranean meal should not miss out especially on the first day of the week. If you barely have sufficient time in the morning to pack a nice lunch for your school-going kid, you can opt for a meal that can be made in a flash and taste as delicious as it is healthy. You can make a batch of hummus for a fun dip with the veggies. A single scoop of hummus is rich in protein, filled with healthy fats and lots of minerals and vitamins. Besides, it is an ideal remedy for lunchtime hunger, and it’s a good way to slip some tasty vegetables into your kid’s meal. Some celery sticks and carrots will help them dip in. Remember to add enough for the friends to try too; sharing is caring.

Eggs in a Nest Friday Lunch

Leave alone the soggy sandwiches and extremely processed packaged snacks. With proper planning and preparation, your child is just about to discover yet another reason to love their Friday. Fun and filled with extreme crunchy goodness- an egg sits on a nest of shredded carrots and surrounded by a small vegetable garden. This meal for your kid’s Friday lunch never fails to spark their imagination.

Amazing Cookies

Kids love a yummy cookie. Forget about the cookies from the local bakery. Pack some homemade cookies in your child’s lunch box or better yet order some from The Black and White Cookie Company instead. Be a bright spark and make them more memorable by using natural coloring for a cookie they will not forget anytime soon. In fact, it does take a little while to come off your kid’s tongue.

Going to school for some kids might be fun, but as the hours go by, energy flags and crankiness sets in. These four easy-to-carry foods are guaranteed to lift your child’s spirit and keep them humming all along.

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In America, the cookie is defined as a thin, sweet, small cake. However, by definition the cookie can one of the many, hand-held, flavor-based sweet cakes, either soft or crisp. A cookie is a small-sized, flat-shaped, sweet, backed snack usually made with flour, sugar, eggs and cooking oil. It may also have other ingredients such as nuts, raisins, and oats. The earliest cookies are estimated to date back in the seventh century Persia (now Iran), one of the pioneer countries to cultivate sugar. They are believed to have come from a short period of the use of sugar became popular in the Persian region. With the Muslim invasion of Spain, the ingredients and cooking techniques of the cookie were spread to Europe and by the 14th century, they had already become common to people from all walks of the society from street vendors to royal cuisines. In the 15th century, cookies had become an important symbol of Christmas and were mostly associated with that day. People had to eat cookies for Christmas and the majority, Christmas was just an ordinary day with the absence of cookies. With time, kids even forgot about Santa and paid more attention to the cookies.

With global traveling becoming so much widespread at that time, cookies became a natural travel companion for many people and a modernized equivalent of travel cakes so much used throughout history. One of the early cookies that became so much popular was the jumble. This cookie traveled particularly well and became known on almost every continent. It was relatively hard made from water, nuts and sweeteners. Cookies were introduced in the United States of America by the Dutch in New Amsterdam in the late 17th century. Currently, the earliest reference of cookies in the states dates back in 1703 when 800 cookies were provided by the Dutch in a New York funeral. The modern-day cookie, given its kind of styling by creaming of sugar and butter, was not so common until the beginning of the 18th century.

The formulation recipe for cookies is far much different from that of cakes and other sweetened bread because it has abandoned water as an ingredient in most of its forms. Putting water in the cakes helps make the base thin allowing the bubbles responsible for the fluffiness to form better. For the cookie, oils from lard, butter or vegetable oils have become the most common agent of cohesion.

Initially, cookies were mass-produced in large factories but with the technological revolution, many people are opting to make them at home. The ingredients required are similar to those used in many household cooking activities thus home-made cookies have become the new thing. Many people prefer serving cookies with beverages like coffee, tea or milk, but they can also be taken alone because of their crisp nature.

Currently, cookies have become very common and have increased in versatility and diversity. Now, you can enjoy an oval-shaped or bar-shaped cookie. Additionally, new cookie ingredients have been discovered, tested and are now being used to bake cookies that are delicious than ever before.

Contact The Black and White Cookie Company for more information today.





Whether they finish their broccoli or not, children will never miss room for some tasty treat. What’s more surprising is that no-fuss recipes are required to satisfy a kid’s sweet tooth. There are a couple of desserts that can sweep children of their feet, and their deliciousness is incomparable to the famous ice cream trolley. Desserts for children are hassle-free and can be the best way to lure kids to your party. Here is a collection of some of the top desserts enjoyed by children almost everywhere.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches have always been a favorite treat for adults and so can they be for kids. The calorie count of store-purchased ice cream sandwiches is between 150 and 500. What’s so common about the store-purchased versions is that they have lots of additives, oils, corn syrup and simple carbs. Why not make your sandwiches at home? If you want an ice cream sandwich on a stick, you can make a whole oatmeal cookie and fill it with some creamy Haagen-Dazs. This is much healthier than the store-bought sandwiches because it involves a smaller bite with real ingredients so you will feel satisfied while keeping the yucky additives and other stuff off your body. Lighten things up for your kids by sprucing the sandwich with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Apple Pie

Are you looking for a dessert that has all the sweetness and homeness of an apple with less sugar and fat? Apple pies are the way to go. Baked in a real wholesome apple, they are topped with a small circle of cream which cuts down the fat. A bonus is that they boast of a natural serving size which is ideal for those who do not always pick the thinnest sliver of the pie.

Strawberry Milkshake

Almost every kid loves a thick, creamy strawberry milkshake for their dessert. However, high-calorie drinks can leave children, and other shake-lovers are feeling hungry even if they have gobbled more than 500 calories. The best way to lighten up this dessert for kids is by making a pink, strawberry grapefruit smoothie that is more than just sweet and healthy. Don’t be surprised to see kids queuing up for a second helping.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

One of the best ways to boost your kids’ nutrition is by adding some protein to their favorite treat. These deliciously chewy cookies usually feature an array of satisfying ingredients such as flax seeds, whole grain oatmeal, and almond meal.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Your favorite cookie might not exactly be good for every kid or child who attends your party. Besides, chocolate chip cookies are more than just tasty, and the odds are slim that kids will only pick one from the tray. These cookies have some healthy tricks up their sleeve, and your children should enjoy a few for a satisfying dessert.

Delicious, fun-filled desserts can be a good way to have kids lick their fingers back home. Of course, second helpings are not allowed for desserts, but you offer something finger-licking, then nothing will stop the kids from queuing up for a few rounds.

Contact The Black and White Cookie Company for more information today.