All Black and White Cookies are not created equal.

There are lots of imitations, but our cookies are the real thing. Handmade in Brooklyn, they have a delicious, old-fashioned bakery taste. You’ll wonder, “Is this a cake or a cookie? And, this sublime topping is… fondant?” You probably haven’t had fondant that didn’t come in a package. Real fondant…our fondant, is delicious and melts in your mouth. Sort of like a rich, glazed frosting. Our cookies, unlike store-bought imitations, are moist, spongy and stay that way, even in the refrigerator. You see, we’ve been at this a long time. Over a 100 years. The proof is in the cookie.

They’re even kosher with zero trans fat.

The Perfect Gift
Black and White cookies make a unique yummy, nostalgic gift that speaks of treasured family tradition. A gift from the Black & White Cookie Company not only delights the taste buds, but evokes sentimental memories for anyone on their birthday, holiday or special event. And bonus, your gift giving status will immediately go from ordinary to outstanding.

Customize Your Black and White Cookies for Special Events
We also offer customized cookies for events of any size. Mini or large, Black and White cookies in custom colors add a fun and striking visual to any buffet and are just as delicious. Pink or blue and white for a baby shower, match the color theme for a wedding, company party, birthday or bar mitzvah, get festive for the holidays. Break out the school colors for a class reunion, or the team colors for a sporting event or team party. The possibilities are endless and the result is always a fun, old fashioned delicious treat.


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