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Can You Freeze Cookies? Find Some Tips Here

  Did you bake too many cookies? Instead of throwing away the cookies you are not going to eat, freeze them. It is possible to freeze cookies while preserving their freshness and delicious taste. Here is how you can freeze

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Why Bake Cookies When You Can Buy Them

  Have you ever spent the day trying to bake the perfect batch of cookies? Maybe they were for a birthday, the holidays, or just a simple thank-you. However, after all of your hours baking and preparing the cookies, they

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Top 3 Reasons Black and White Cookies Make Great Presents

  Who ever thought of this dessert is so called “cookie” but it’s not a cookie at all?  The half black (chocolate flavor fondant) and white dipped or frosted flat cake is so unique that it became famous and every

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Father’s Day is Coming: Top Reasons Your Dad Will Love Cookies

  Father’s Day is coming soon, and people celebrate it by pampering their dear father in the month of June. Do you already have presents to give to your beloved dads? Dads love presents! Why not give the gift of

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Top 5 Treats You Should Serve at A Graduation Party

  Do you have a recent grad in the family worth celebrating? A graduation party may seem like a simple and straightforward affair to plan, but you’d be surprised by the number of things you need to consider such as

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