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Top 5 Yummiest Snacks for Test Day

  Now that school is back in session, student’s thoughts are turning to studying and being prepared for tests that usually happen on Friday’s every week. Of course, if your kids are going to be able to study, they need

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Back to school time: Tips for what to pack in your child’s lunch

A new school term is a perfect time to revamp the game plan for packing your child’s lunch. Whether it is just a quick break from schoolwork or for gathering energy levels at a Summer camp, nothing excites a kid

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A Brief History of the Cookie

  In America, the cookie is defined as a thin, sweet, small cake. However, by definition the cookie can one of the many, hand-held, flavor-based sweet cakes, either soft or crisp. A cookie is a small-sized, flat-shaped, sweet, backed snack

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Top Desserts Enjoyed by Children Everywhere

    Whether they finish their broccoli or not, children will never miss room for some tasty treat. What’s more surprising is that no-fuss recipes are required to satisfy a kid’s sweet tooth. There are a couple of desserts that

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Can You Freeze Cookies? Find Some Tips Here

  Did you bake too many cookies? Instead of throwing away the cookies you are not going to eat, freeze them. It is possible to freeze cookies while preserving their freshness and delicious taste. Here is how you can freeze

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