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The Black and White Cookie Company’s Marketwire press release, announcing free shipping on Easter cookie orders made it onto MarketWatch, Miami Herald, Yahoo Biz and over two-hundred more news sites. The offer featured the cookie company’s new Easter colors available for a limited time in either yellow and purple or pink and blue.

Read the press release

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These cookies are the perfect addition to any Easter basket, celebration or family gathering. Order your Easter cookies now so the Easter Bunny can deliver them in time for Easter! Offer ends March 20.


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Purple and Yellow Custom Cookies

The Black and White Cookie Company is gearing up for Easter and is very excited to announce free shipping on all Easter Cookies from now until March 22, 2013.

For Easter this year, The Black and White Cookie Company will be featuring decorative purple and yellow cookies as well as some festive blue and pink cookies.

These delightful Easter cookies will make any Easter basket complete and the whole family will love them.

Order your Easter Cookies now before it’s too late! Last day for Easter orders is March 22, 2013. 

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Getting ready for Easter ….the black and white cookie is the perfect treat. Easter colors are available.

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