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A new school term is a perfect time to revamp the game plan for packing your child’s lunch. Whether it is just a quick break from schoolwork or for gathering energy levels at a Summer camp, nothing excites a kid quite like a pack healthy lunch. Ditch the cream-filled cakes and over-processed foods and opt for healthy items that pack a nutritional punch. With proper planning, you can stop the morning rush that mostly results in stuffing high-salt, high-fat foods in a bag while your child sprints of to catch the school bus. Here are some foods to pack in your child’s lunch box for a perfect day at school.

Mini-Pizza Thursday

This is probably the lunchbox version of literally every child’s favorite food. Small bread toasts, crackers, baby pitas or flatbreads are all possible options for pizza to fit your child’s little hands. You could even involve your kids to gather the ingredients and let them pick on the choices they love best. You can go ahead to add various colorful fruits and vegetables for a wholesome meal. Also, remember to include an element of fun!

Mediterranean Monday

For your child’s lunchbox, a healthy Mediterranean meal should not miss out especially on the first day of the week. If you barely have sufficient time in the morning to pack a nice lunch for your school-going kid, you can opt for a meal that can be made in a flash and taste as delicious as it is healthy. You can make a batch of hummus for a fun dip with the veggies. A single scoop of hummus is rich in protein, filled with healthy fats and lots of minerals and vitamins. Besides, it is an ideal remedy for lunchtime hunger, and it’s a good way to slip some tasty vegetables into your kid’s meal. Some celery sticks and carrots will help them dip in. Remember to add enough for the friends to try too; sharing is caring.

Eggs in a Nest Friday Lunch

Leave alone the soggy sandwiches and extremely processed packaged snacks. With proper planning and preparation, your child is just about to discover yet another reason to love their Friday. Fun and filled with extreme crunchy goodness- an egg sits on a nest of shredded carrots and surrounded by a small vegetable garden. This meal for your kid’s Friday lunch never fails to spark their imagination.

Amazing Cookies

Kids love a yummy cookie. Forget about the cookies from the local bakery. Pack some homemade cookies in your child’s lunch box or better yet order some from The Black and White Cookie Company instead. Be a bright spark and make them more memorable by using natural coloring for a cookie they will not forget anytime soon. In fact, it does take a little while to come off your kid’s tongue.

Going to school for some kids might be fun, but as the hours go by, energy flags and crankiness sets in. These four easy-to-carry foods are guaranteed to lift your child’s spirit and keep them humming all along.

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Whether they finish their broccoli or not, children will never miss room for some tasty treat. What’s more surprising is that no-fuss recipes are required to satisfy a kid’s sweet tooth. There are a couple of desserts that can sweep children of their feet, and their deliciousness is incomparable to the famous ice cream trolley. Desserts for children are hassle-free and can be the best way to lure kids to your party. Here is a collection of some of the top desserts enjoyed by children almost everywhere.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches have always been a favorite treat for adults and so can they be for kids. The calorie count of store-purchased ice cream sandwiches is between 150 and 500. What’s so common about the store-purchased versions is that they have lots of additives, oils, corn syrup and simple carbs. Why not make your sandwiches at home? If you want an ice cream sandwich on a stick, you can make a whole oatmeal cookie and fill it with some creamy Haagen-Dazs. This is much healthier than the store-bought sandwiches because it involves a smaller bite with real ingredients so you will feel satisfied while keeping the yucky additives and other stuff off your body. Lighten things up for your kids by sprucing the sandwich with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Apple Pie

Are you looking for a dessert that has all the sweetness and homeness of an apple with less sugar and fat? Apple pies are the way to go. Baked in a real wholesome apple, they are topped with a small circle of cream which cuts down the fat. A bonus is that they boast of a natural serving size which is ideal for those who do not always pick the thinnest sliver of the pie.

Strawberry Milkshake

Almost every kid loves a thick, creamy strawberry milkshake for their dessert. However, high-calorie drinks can leave children, and other shake-lovers are feeling hungry even if they have gobbled more than 500 calories. The best way to lighten up this dessert for kids is by making a pink, strawberry grapefruit smoothie that is more than just sweet and healthy. Don’t be surprised to see kids queuing up for a second helping.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

One of the best ways to boost your kids’ nutrition is by adding some protein to their favorite treat. These deliciously chewy cookies usually feature an array of satisfying ingredients such as flax seeds, whole grain oatmeal, and almond meal.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Your favorite cookie might not exactly be good for every kid or child who attends your party. Besides, chocolate chip cookies are more than just tasty, and the odds are slim that kids will only pick one from the tray. These cookies have some healthy tricks up their sleeve, and your children should enjoy a few for a satisfying dessert.

Delicious, fun-filled desserts can be a good way to have kids lick their fingers back home. Of course, second helpings are not allowed for desserts, but you offer something finger-licking, then nothing will stop the kids from queuing up for a few rounds.

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The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and soon the pool toys will be coming out. There are many occasions during the spring and summer months where you are going to need either gifts or snacks to feed a hungry horde. Everyone knows that black and white cookies are great to eat and easy to hand out to a hungry crowd. What you might not know is that there are many occasions where they will do the trick. With that being said, read on below for some of the top spring and summer occasions where these cookies are needed and will be greatly appreciated as well.


 June is when the graduations start. Whether it’s the pre-K, kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, or that all important high school graduation cookies are a treat that everyone will love. You can order some black and white cookies and give them as a graduation gift wrapped all nice and neat in a pretty container or feed them to everyone at the after-graduation party for a sumptuous treat.

Father’s Day

 Father’s Day is also in June and what could be better than to give your father the gift of cookies. If your father is like mine, he has every gift under the sun, and you are always scrambling for something to give him. There is nothing better than a tin of his favorite cookies to make him happy on Father’s Day. Throw in a couple of season tickets to his favorite team’s baseball games and you will certainly have a home run.

End of the Year School Parties

 Everyone does end of the school year parties. June is full of parties for everyone from elementary school kids to seniors about to embark on life. Make sure that you add cookies to the food that you are going to serve to your guests. The cookies are easy to clean up after, can be eaten on the run, and make the perfect snack for everything from a waterslide party to a party in the garden of your home.

Fourth of July Party

 The big event of the summer, of course, is the fourth of July. Everyone will be out in full mass to celebrate the freedom of our country. If you are throwing a July 4th bash, then you can’t forget to order the cookies. They go great with hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks.

Back to School/Off to College

 As the summer draws to a close, you will want to have plenty of cookies to pack for your little one’s lunch when they are back in school. Cookies also make the perfect gift for your older ones to take with them to college. Make sure to keep the cookies in a large supply to send in those care packages you are sure to send to your college freshman.


These are just a few of the events that will demand cookies this spring and summer. For more information on the best cookies around, visit The Black and White Cookie Company today.






The summer months are rapidly approaching, and kids are about to have an awful lot of free time on their hands once school lets out. It’s great having them around, of course, but every parent or guardian needs to have some activities planned to help keep them busy while you try to get things done around the house. Otherwise, the whole place might erupt into pure chaos! Continue on to check out some easy tips for keeping the kids busy this summer.

First of all, every day is going to require you to come up with some sort of meal plan. Why not include the kids now and then to make them a part of whatever you’re cooking up? For instance, you can have them form an assembly line of sorts to help you get ingredients together to make your own homemade pizza or even bake a cake. You can also help them learn some responsibility by giving each kid some sort of job at dinner each night. One can lay out the plates while another handles silverware, and if you have a third they can take care of gathering everything up once everyone is done.

You’re going to have to keep the kids’ growing appetites sated in between meals as well. You should keep plenty of easy to get to snacks around, including apples and other fruits, string cheese, and the occasional handful of nuts or maybe small bags of pretzels. If you’re in the mood to reward them with something sweet and also try something new, you should have some of the tasty offerings from the Black and White Cookie Company on hand. Light snacks between meals are said to help boost the metabolism, so as long as the portions are small enough, there’s no need to worry about opening the door to any weight gain.

Beyond meals, personal activities that keep the kids occupied, quiet, and stationary for at least an hour or two are also good to have on hand. There’s plenty of opportunity for that with electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, computers, and gaming consoles of course, but if you want to avoid everyone going into a vegetable state, you can try to keep some classic means of fun on hand as well. For instance, you can invest in one of those giant puzzles that everyone can work on in turns. It might even take you the whole summer to complete!

Lots of paper with machine washable markers can also lead to some fun times with art. It’s good to inspire creativity like this. One of your children might even have a knack for music, so you can always look into some online guitar or piano lessons. Keeping the brain going is good in general, obviously, so you might also want to have a few crossword books ready to hand out whenever boredom strikes. If you can organize a family trivia night, that’s a fantastic means of keeping everyone’s minds active without it feeling like too much work. Above all, just remember to have fun!


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