Cookies Are King – Why Pool Parties Deserve B & W Cookie Treats



Pool parties are a summer staple. They’re a time when friends and loved ones can get together and really enjoy each others company. Among the barbecue ribs and potato salad, there’s a new kid in town – cookies, namely Black and White cookies. Long a mainstay of New York cafe cuisine Black & White cookies are the perfect treat for the great outdoors. What could be better for those fun-filled summer days than a vanilla flavored cookie with a hint of lemon.

Black & White cookies are a pleasure that can be shared between adults and kids. Who doesn’t love a cookie?

Here are some of the reasons why these sweet treats are absolutely ideal for your next pool party.

#1 The Kids (And You)

For the kids, cookies are a handheld treat that simply doesn’t stop giving. Combine them with some freshly squeezed lemonade and you have a treat that will keep the younger members of the family occupied for hours. Gone are the nags about when they can eat – the cookies will take care of the problem. For adults Black & White cookies go great with a cup of tea or coffee, or simply help yourself to a glass of the kid’s lemonade – it’s a blast of taste from childhood – and it never gets old.

#2 Easy Peasy

Possibly one of the best thing about these evergreen treats is that that they are available wherever you live. They can be delivered right to your door – so your pool party preparations never need to be interrupted, and you can set up the tables and prepare the barbecue safe in the knowledge that even if the family arrive early there’ll already be something that will keep mouths and tummies occupied until the main attraction – the barbecue.

#3 The Perfect Memory

If there’s one thing that people need these days, it’s a memory – and not one that is provided by a smartphone image. If you want to really reserve a place in someone’s heart after your pool party is finished, then you need to provide a memento that will tug at the heartstrings and give people a reason (aside from the great ribs) to attend your next party at poolside. One of the ways to do this is to provide a physical party favor. Black & White cookies are the perfect solution.

With just a little bit of inventiveness, you can put together a party pack with these cookies that guests can take home and enjoy at their leisure. They’ll probably enjoy them the next day at work or in the comfort of their own home along with a cup of their favorite hot beverage – and you can be sure that the memories that you create will be at the top of their minds.


These are more than cookies. Black & White cookies are raw material for the creation of memories. Contact the Black and White Cookie Company to order today.


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