Kids take the prize when it comes to the top 3 types or groups of people that are cookie lovers. A second group could be described as furry blue monsters that eat cookies by the dozen. In all seriousness, cookie monsters are of course fictional, but let’s go back to the kids that love their cookies. I have a story about that.

I love cookies, but I don’t buy them as often as I want them because of two things, my budget and just watching my diet. I’m 35, so I kind of have to worry about stuff like that, at least a little bit. So the other day I bought cookies along with some other stuff, and I got on the elevator when I got back. A family was on there with a kid who immediately noticed I had cookies and mentioned them out loud! Kids will notice when cookies are around, and they always are in the mood for them.

The second group of people that love cookies is older people. Seniors love their cookies, and they love to give their grandkids cookies. Sometimes older people are a little out of touch with what the new generations like, but who in the world can keep up with the cookie world these days anyway. There is a whole section devoted to nearly 20 types of Oreo cookies and then think about all the other types of cookies there are.

You can get fresh baked cookies from delis. One of my favorites is the oatmeal raisin cookies, and another of my favorites is the Mega Stuff Oreo cookies. I also like the Chips Ahoy cookies that are soft batch and filled with fudge. In fact, I could go on and on about all the different types of great cookies out there. You don’t just have to get fresh baked cookies from the deli either because you can bake them yourself at home, too.

My sister is the best at baking cookies, but she doesn’t make them from scratch. My dad used to make them from scratch, but they weren’t the best in the world. It’s the thought that counts. My mom’s neighbor makes great cookies and other homemade treats during the holidays and hands them out to all her neighbors. So far, I’ve identified two of the three top types or groups of people that are cookie lovers.

The third group of people that are cookie lovers are people that aren’t on a strict diet. People that are trying to watch their weight often don’t eat as many cookies, as I mentioned about myself earlier. Of course, there are many subgroups of people that commonly like cookies. You can group them up anyway you like, but there are plenty of cookie lovers out there.

When you’re in the grocery store, it’s almost like they have their own aisle. What cookie lover group do you fall into? I may have eaten more cookies when I was younger, but I would still say I’m a cookie monster myself.

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Did you bake too many cookies? Instead of throwing away the cookies you are not going to eat, freeze them. It is possible to freeze cookies while preserving their freshness and delicious taste. Here is how you can freeze cookies.

There are different ways to freeze cookies. The best way to preserve the freshness of the cookies is to freeze the cookie dough before you bake it. You can wrap raw cookie dough in wax paper and place it in the freezer. Take it out of the freezer when you are ready to bake more cookie and wait for the cookie dough to unthaw.

You can also freeze individual cookies once they have been baked. This is not the best way to preserve the freshness of the cookies since they will not taste like fresh-baked cookies, but you can put them in the oven for thirty to forty seconds to warm them up and improve the taste.

You can freeze cookies that have already been baked as long as you can wrap them tightly. You can use wax paper or even small plastic bags that can be hermetically sealed. The cookies will taste better if there is no air when you wrap them.

Ideally, you should freeze cookies while they are still fresh. If you wait long enough for the cookies to get a little stale, you will notice a difference when you unthaw them. Try freezing the cookies within a few hours of baking them if you realize you have made too many.

If possible, wrap the cookies individually. This will let less air in and the cookies will stay fresher. This is a method that takes time, especially if you baked a lot of cookies. If you need to freeze a lot of cookies, the best way to do it is to place them on a sheet of wax paper and cover them with another sheet before sealing.

If you often make cookies and need to freeze them, you should consider purchasing a vacuum sealer. These machines can be used to package food with vacuum sealed plastic. You can use one of these machines to vacuum seal your cookies, and they will stay fresh regardless of how many cookies you place in a bag.

Your cookies should stay good for at least a month or two in your freezer. They should stay good for longer if you decide to invest in a vacuum sealer since the cookies will be frozen with absolutely no air in the bag. If the cookies look like they have frost on them or do not taste good once you unthaw them, it is best not to eat them.

You will figure out the best way to freeze cookies by trying out a few things. Remember that it is easier to freeze raw cookie dough if you made too much. If you need to freeze cookies that have already been baked, wrap them up as tightly as possible. Put them in the oven for a few seconds to give them a fresher taste.

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Have you ever spent the day trying to bake the perfect batch of cookies? Maybe they were for a birthday, the holidays, or just a simple thank-you. However, after all of your hours baking and preparing the cookies, they just seem to fall flat of what you would buy at the local bakery. Or perhaps they never seem to be quite as good as the one’s mom use to make. Whatever the issue, they just are not what you wanted.

So if you have a big event coming up you may want to consider some of the advantages of buying your cookies instead of baking them from now on. In fact, let’s see why you should start buying all of your cookies right now.

Save Time

If you bake cookies at home, you know how time-consuming of a process it can be. This is even more true if you have several batches of cookies you have to bake. In fact, it could take several hours of your time up. For me, this is the time I could spend binge watching some Netflix and eating cookies I ordered! By the time you run to the store for ingredients, mix them all together, and bake them it is a ridiculously long time.

Save Money

Baking cookies is a lot more expensive than you would ever think. Especially, if you are looking to make something a little more appealing and fancy than sugar cookies. There are so many ingredients that you need to have to make the perfect cookies. A couple of batches can run you almost $20. Don’t forget about all the time you are putting into these cookies. Because your time is money, even when you are in the kitchen. Are you really wanting to put out $40 for a few batches of cookies?

The Proof Is in The Cookie

Let’s be honest, not all of us have the ability to create bakery style cookies. In fact, most of what we bake may just be passing. You can take the time to follow a popular recipe to the exact specifications and still not come out with what you were expecting. Recipes are hard in that aspect as you can follow it all right, and still something goes wrong. This is one of the reasons buying cookies is a great idea. You know for a fact that you are going to be buying perfect cookies every single time. Can you think of anything better to do on a Sunday than dive into a package of perfectly created cookies?

As you can see, there are many benefits to buying your cookies over baking them. You are going to save countless hours in the kitchen. Also, the money you save on ingredients will help pay for your next vacation! Plus, don’t ever forget that time is money and you are not getting paid to make all those cookies! You will also get delicious cookies every single time. So save a trip to the grocery store and start buying your cookies and enjoy them all the more.

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Who ever thought of this dessert is so called “cookie” but it’s not a cookie at all?  The half black (chocolate flavor fondant) and white dipped or frosted flat cake is so unique that it became famous and every New Yorker loves to eat it as a snack.

History says that these cookies were started in Germany during World War II during the conquering of US state, but nowadays, these shortbread pastries originally made in Uptown but became famous in New York City, which is traditionally called the “Half Moon” due to its appearance as the half moon during night time.

Treat yourself with its chocolate and vanilla frosting on top, sometimes dipped which can be the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.


The bread tastes bland but with the help of its frosting, it gives a perfect taste of chocolate and vanilla. It deserves its simplicity as we enjoy munching its cupcake –type bread since these cookies are not really cookies, its bread. They taste amazing and once you have tried a black and white cookie from The Black and White Cookie Company you will want another one.

Uniqueness and appearance

These cookies come in all sizes, some bakers create a huge cookie that is larger than your palm, and there are also small shaped cookies for bite size, which is a good gift for kids.

Uniqueness comes in the bread used for these cookies. Bakeries experiment on other flavors like velvet cupcake style bread, some use doughnuts as the base and these are filled with black and white frosting – like what Donut Pub did– with custard filling inside.

If you think that these pastries are too boring, bakeries create heart shaped black and white cookies especially for Valentine’s Day or special occasions.

Bakeries create their own version of black and white cookies by designing its cookie top with a combination of black and white filling, whereas some of them use separate black and white filling per cookie.

These are just a few of the reasons that Black and White cookies make great presents. Remember to buy a few whenever the occasion comes around. Contact The Black and White Cookie Company for more information today.


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Father’s Day is coming soon, and people celebrate it by pampering their dear father in the month of June. Do you already have presents to give to your beloved dads? Dads love presents! Why not give the gift of cookies this coming Father’s Day? With that being said, read on below for some of the top reasons your dad will love cookies as a treat this year.

Why cookies? Originally, Germans called it as “koekje,” meaning small cakes. Cookies are a kind of biscuit but much softer with different toppings that will surely make your mouth water. The most famous cookie is the chocolate chip cookie and people, including dads, love it.

Reasons why dad will love cookies:

  • Dad loves sweet foods that he can share with his kids and grandkids.
  • Dad loves eating snacks while at work.
  • Dad loves surprises. Cookies are a great treat for him because of they come in different colors, sizes, and flavors.
  • Dad loves anything you give him because it came from you!


Different Kinds of Cookies Your Dad Will Surely Love

Traditional chocolate chip cookies

Share your love by giving a chewy chocolate chip cookie, baked with different chunks of chocolate that your father will eat for days. Chocolate chunks may vary in different flavors such as milk chocolate and dark chocolate – for those who love a more bitter taste; white chocolate will light up dad’s taste buds.

Healthy cookies

Some of our dads love to work out, so we can give them healthy foods like oatmeal cookies, nutty cookies such as hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, etc., there are also fruity cookies that will make your dad want more, like banana cookies and blueberry or raisin cookies.

Special cookies

Special Cookies are also cool as present such as – Rum or wine cookies for those dads who love food with a little bit of alcohol. Chocolate dough cookies are also in demand when it comes to fathers who pretty much love chocolates. There are some toasted cookies that you can munch like a biscuit and cookies that can be dipped in jams and milk.

Fried cookies are the latest trend in the cookie world that many people have come to love, which is the substitution of baking, such as Oreo deep fried cookie – is a kind of cookie that has a whole Oreo sandwich that is coated by chocolate chip cookie dough and deep fried. This is a tasty treat that will make your tummy beg for more.

These are just a few of the reasons that cookies are the gift to give this Father’s Day. Try some yourself and see if you agree. Don’t forget the black and white cookies to put in your gift to your dad. They are the best there is!

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