Are you considering having a holiday party? Do you have everything already picked out and all that is left now is the dessert? You, of course, can make several different pies and maybe even bake cookies and cakes. However, who really has that much time? One option you have that you might not know about is Black and White Cookies. Want to know more about black and white cookies and why you should choose them? Read this article to learn more about Black and White cookies.

1. Classic Black and White Cookies

If you are looking for the perfect holiday cookie to serve at your next holiday party, you can’t go wrong with the classic cookie brought to you by the Black and White Cookie Company. This cookie is traditional and has been a hit for over 100 years. It features a fondant icing that is one-half vanilla and white and the other half chocolate and black. This way everyone gets the best of both worlds and the colors stay traditional so that no one’s religious beliefs are offended. Besides, when you go with black and white you go with a classic color that goes with all the decor you have used to decorate.

2. Red and Green Colored Cookies

One of the best things about the Black and White Cookie Company is that all cookie fondant colors can be customized. If you are hosting a holiday party, then chances are many of your guests are going to be celebrating Christmas. Therefore, the red and green colored cookies will fit perfectly at any holiday party centered on Christmas. Everyone will be wondering which flavors these cookies are as they bite into them only to find the best of both worlds. Chocolate, vanilla, and even a subtle lemon flavor. If you choose to go with this style cookie then they will be the talk of the night.

3. Blue and Silver or Blue and White Cookies

The holidays are also when the Jewish religion celebrates Hanukkah. The Black and White Cookie Company has the perfect cookies for your Hanukkah festivities. They come in any colors you desire. However, the most popular Hanukkah designed cookies are those colored blue and silver or even blue and white. To make these cookies even better for your celebration, they are handmade and kosher! These melt in your mouth cookies will be a favorite no matter what design you choose to go with. These cookies are perfect for your holiday party.

These cookies don’t only come in these few colors. The Black and White Cookie Company can customize these cookies in any color you desire. The Black and White Cookie Company wants you to choose them to help make your next holiday party memorable. With the long-standing history and mouthwatering options, you can’t go wrong when you choose to go with these perfect tasting cookies. Visit their website today to place your order, and as always, free shipping to make your order even sweeter!

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Have you been racking your brain to come up with the perfect gift for all your family and friends, only to fall short on ideas that will stand out and be loved? Well, look no further, you have found the perfect option. Black and White cookies are perfect for any holiday and for any gift receiver. Why is that, you might ask? Continue reading for the answer.

Great for Traditionalist

If you have someone whom you give gifts to during the holiday season and they love traditions, then Black and White cookies are perfect for them. These cookies have been around for over a century. Meaning the people who will be receiving them either have childhood memories of the cookies themselves or have heard their ancestors tell them about the cookie’s deliciousness.

For Those Who Can’t Make Decisions

Do you know someone who struggles with the great debate of which is better chocolate or vanilla? Well, when you go with these cookies, they no longer have to struggle. By giving them this gift, you will give them the best of both worlds. Since these cookies are topped with both chocolate and vanilla fondant, the person who receives them as their holiday gift will be forever grateful.

Wonderful for Foodies

We all know one, someone who loves to taste and try new foods. Thankfully, for the story behind these wonderful cookies the foodies in your life has most likely always dreamed of trying them. They are unlike any other cookie. They are made fresh from a fluffy cake texture with a slight lemon zest taste that everyone is sure to love and it is all topped off with the perfect mixture of chocolate and vanilla that will leave your foodies mouthwatering and them wanting to try more. Don’t worry; you don’t have to just get them one. These cookies come in a few different counts so you can make sure you order them just enough.

The Perfect Combination

Coffee and cookies, does it get better than that? Yes it does, giving them as a gift to a fellow coffee and cookie lover. Thankfully, the Black and White Cookie Company offers a gift package that includes six traditional cookies and a classic mug to go with it. Whether they love coffee or cocoa, you can’t go wrong with this gift!

Want to take it even a step further, why not grab the hat package while you are at it as well. That way they will not only end up have 1 dozen cookies, but a matching hat and mug at the same time. This gift is perfect for the truck driver or grandfather in your life.

One of the best things about ordering online from the Black and White Cookie Company is that shipping is free! That way there is no minimum purchase necessary and you can send them anywhere you wish so that all your family and friends are able to enjoy these delicious cookies!

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There are several thousand cookie companies spread across the globe. So why should choose the Black and White Cookie Company over all the others? Well we are here to answer that. This cookie has a long-standing history that no other cookie company can compare to. Want to know more? Continue reading.

These Cookies Come in Custom Colors

Yes, it is true the traditional cookies from the Black and White Cookie Company are indeed black and white. However, these cookies can also be customized in almost any color you desire. This makes them perfect for special occasions such as holidays or weddings.

These Cookies are Perfect for Traditionalists

If you know someone who is strong on tradition, then the Black and White Cookie Company is the company for you. This company dates back over 100 years. They feature traditional black and white colors that will go perfectly with any party or style that you will need to host a traditional cookie for.

These Cookies are as Healthy as Cookies can Get

If you are part of the crowd that is trying to cut out preservatives, then don’t worry about adding these cookies to your diet. The Black and White Cookie Company bakes their cookies with all natural ingredients. They include no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, as well as 0 Trans fats. In addition, if you are required to eat Kosher then these are also the best cookies for you.

What Do the Cookies Taste Like?

What more reason do you need to order these cookies other than their amazing taste? Since these cookies come from a traditional background, they also feature the flavors from back in the day. The cookies brought to you by the Black and White Cookie Company feature a fluffy yellow cake like texture and flavor. They even give you a hint of lemon for a special flavor that you won’t get from your average cookie company. As if they could get any better these cookies are topped with a vanilla and chocolate fondant so that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to picking your favorite flavor fondant.

Do You Know a Seinfeld Fan?

We all know and love someone who is a fan of the show Seinfeld. However, did you know that these cookies were once featured on the show as well? It’s true, the cookies were used as a representation of how black and white shows get along in the same way they do on top of these cookies, and then all of our problems would be solved.

No matter what reason you choose to justify your Black and White cookie purchase it will be worth it. The people who make these cookies part of their tradition rave about how they taste perfect every time and how they melt in your mouth. If you think, you are ready to handle the greatness that comes from the Black and White Cookie Company then order your batch online today!

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As we reach mid-August, there’s a lot of talk about back to school and Fall, but we say, not so fast…summer is far from over. There is still plenty of summer left in 2015, and we have a few ideas on how you can make the most out of it.

Summer Concert Series – Check your local paper’s entertainment section for a list of summer concerts going on in August. Most towns and cities have summer jazz, folk, classical, rock and other music festivals held in parks, outdoor concert halls, farmer’s markets and more. Many of them are free and make a perfect summer night of listening under the stars.

Outdoor Theater – Theater companies regularly have a Theater in the Park summer series, and what better way to experience theater than outdoors, your favorite wine, cheese and some Black and White Cookies? Which brings one to wonder, if Black and Whites were available during Shakespeare’s time, would the scene have included a Black and White instead of a skull, and the line have gone, “To Black, or not to Black?” That is the question indeed.

Art Walks – This is a fun and friendly way to check out the local art scene in your area. Many local galleries participate in “First Fridays” or “First Thursdays,” they open their doors after hours and encourage the public to experience art. While you won’t be able to bring food into the galleries, having some Black and Whites on hand is a great way to keep energized. And, quite the visual statement as well.

Local History or Walking Tours – All towns have a story to tell, and yours is probably no different! Google your town name and “walking tours” to see what’s available in your area. You might even discover your town has a few local “haunts” with a ghost tour!

Get Active – Take advantage of the still long days to get moving! Google your neighborhood or town and add bike routes, or walking routes, so see the best trails in your area. If you have rivers or ponds close by, try kayaking, canoeing or paddle boating. Be sure to bring along a few Black and Whites for refueling!

Camping – Use the slightly cooler weather as an excuse to pitch a tent and build a campfire. Since peak season is over, there is more likely to be camping slips available in the most ideal locations. Or, go it on your own! Either way, you can enjoy a few Black and Whites with your s’mores while communing with nature.

Have a Cookout – Have one last cookout with friends, coworkers or if you’re feeling really ambitious, organize a block party!

Find the perfect batch of Black and White Cookies for your activity. Shop them all here.

Those are just a few of our ideas. We’d love to hear your ideas! Comment here or post on our Facebook page!


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At The Black and White Cookie Company, we think of our delicious cookies as a symbol of two individual halves uniting to form something special, unique and better together than apart. We encourage you to share the love this Valentine’s Day, whether it’s with your sweetheart, a best friend, your teacher, a family member, your favorite barista or anyone who has touched your life and made it better. Just like a Black and White Cookie.

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