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If you’re like most people, tax season is not your favorite time of year. It can be stressful, frustrating and costly! Software packages can make the process easier, but if you’re not a numbers person, you can easily make a mistake and end up either paying too much tax or getting a smaller refund than you should.

Professional accountants can get stressed this time of year as well, with clients who hand them shoeboxes full of receipts that they must now go through and organize. This can take hours, and while they get paid for it, can be a frustrating process.

So is there an answer to the stress and frustration of tax season? Yes – cookies! The Black and White Cookie Company can help ease your anxiety about the crazy world of taxes.

About Black and White cookies

The Black and White Cookie Company offers an array of handcrafted cookies, with a fresh cake-like texture and just a hint of lemon. Then they are iced with a mouth-watering mix of chocolate and vanilla fondant. These have been New York’s favorite cookie for more than a century. If you don’t live in the Brooklyn area, you can order cookies online to experience the superior taste they offer.

Relieve Stress

Whether you’re just gathering your tax records together to give to your accountant, or you are doing them yourself, the process can be extremely stressful. Not only can it be difficult to find the time to do it all, but all those numbers can make even a mathematician want to go screaming from the room. When these moments threaten to overtake you, sit back, grab a cup of tea (or something stronger) and sink your teeth into one of the best-tasting cookies in the world. When you order cookies by the dozen, you can keep them on hand for the entire tax season.

Give to your accountant

If you’re one of those people who hands their accountant a shoe box filled with miscellaneous receipts W-2s, and investment receipts, then you might need to give them a cookie or two so they can handle their own stress levels when doing your taxes! Think of it as a peace offering. These New York cookies are a great way to say, “I appreciate all you do for me.” Just be prepared to do the same thing again next year!

Give to yourself as a reward

When you buy traditional cookies online, you can order as many or as little as you like. They come nicely packaged and fresh, so you can enjoy them anytime. Give yourself these treats as a reward for getting your taxes done. Tell yourself that you can’t have any until you’ve completed the process. Whether that means giving your records to your accountant or doing it yourself, you’ll have the motivation you need to get things done.

These black and white cookies may not be able to give you a bigger refund or organize your receipts for you, but they can give you the break and stress-relief you need during this ‘taxing’ season.

The Black and White Cookie Company can make tax season easier. Visit our website today for our selection of cookies available for ordering.

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Cookies are a great treat any time of the year – but there is no better season than spring to bring new tastes to life and enjoy the unique treats that the Black and White Cookie Company provides. These mouth-watering vanilla cake-like cookies have just a hint of lemon that will leave you wanting more. They go great with a cup of tea, but can just as easily be paired with a dessert wine. For kids, of course, no cookie is complete without a cup of milk! Thanks to the internet, these New York cookies can be purchased no matter where you live, and delivered right to your door.

Spring Break

Spring break is great for kids, but by mid-week, they may start to get bored and need something different to snack on. Black and white cookies can be the perfect solution. Whether your kids are in Kindergarten or high school, they are sure to appreciate the superior flavor of these treats. You can order cookies online if you don’t live near the Brooklyn area. Thanks to technology, everyone can enjoy these tasty bites!

It’s not a chocolate bunny

Don’t tell the Easter bunny – but some people get sick of all that chocolate! It’s nice to have a change. When you buy traditional cookies online, you can put the Easter chocolate away for a while. Isn’t it nice to know that you have choices other than solid chocolate shapes for the next few months?

Celebrate a new season

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than munching on some delicious cookies! Give them to friends at a backyard BBQ or present a gift box to a new neighbor; bring some to your church spring social; or, just enjoy some with a glass of iced tea in the backyard sunshine. There is no wrong time to eat them, and no wrong way to eat them! Eat the chocolate side first, the vanilla side first, or take a bite through the middle to get a taste of both flavors at once.

Spring birthday gifts

Do you know someone who has a birthday in the spring? For a unique gift, you can order black and white cookies online and have them sent in a gift box. It’s perfect for someone who already has everything, and is sure to be enjoyed by cookie eaters of all ages. Give friends and loved ones a gift they will truly remember, even if it doesn’t last very long.

Spring Fling

Do you and your friends have a spring fling planned? Perhaps a night out at several clubs or to see your favorite band? Whether you’re renting a limo and going out on the town, or you are just getting together to see the latest chick-flick, black and white cookies make a great addition to any girl’s night out.

With spring in the air, people get outside more, enjoy the sunshine and the scenery. You are probably exercising more too – so go ahead and indulge. You can work it off tomorrow!

The Black and White Cookie Company has everything you need to make your spring more delicious.

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Although one can get very busy when it comes to baking cookies, you do not have to worry about this as they can just be ordered from specialists. Cookies can be ordered for special events such as birthday parties, graduation ceremonies and sporting events among others. Here are some of the things that you must consider when purchasing cookies.

Buy Small 

If you are ordering cookies that you have not tasted before, it is advisable that you first buy a small amount. This means that you will get to know the person that you are purchasing from, how reliable they are and what exactly they have to offer. You will find that some will deliver on time while others will give you numerous excuses for the delivery coming in late. Whether the cookies are for a picnic or a home party, you need the best quality that there can be. With a small amount of the cookies, you will be able to make a conclusive decision as it is now clear that they either meet your standards or they don’t.

Know the Company

 If you want to order cookies from a company, make sure that you visit the website if any. This is a great way to read the reviews and get to learn something about the company. Reviews tell a lot as you are able to get an idea of how reliable the company is. Social media sites are great places to find reviews, whether they be good or bad. 

Consider the Number of People

The worst thing that can happen when you purchase cookies especially from outside is finding that they are not enough for the people attending the party or event. This can be quite a shame and that is the reason that you should consider the number of people that will be attending the event.

Consider how Long Delivery will Take

Consider the amount of time that you need to purchase before the event. You do not want to order cookies only for them to arrive one day after the event. If you have an event taking place on Sunday, make sure that you do not order the cookies on Saturday. Give yourself at least a week for the company to prepare and deliver them online. This comes in very handy especially when ordering from an online company that needs to get the order, bake and ship the cookies to your doorstep. You should take note of the companies that do not work over the weekend. 

Consider the Cost

Make sure that you are aware of all the costs that are involved. Do you have to pay for the delivery fee separately or is it already included in the cookies fee? This can help you a great deal in saving some money.

These are just a few of the things you should consider when ordering your next batch of black and white cookies online. Following these tips will ensure that your cookies arrive on time and are the belle of the ball.

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By now, you have probably heard of the Black and White Cookie Company. Whether it has been through a friend, family member, history books, or even a Seinfeld episode, something about it has caught your attention. However, what is it that makes the cookies so popular. Could it be how amazing they taste, or could it been that they have been around for nearly a century? Whatever it is, we are here to give you a brief glance at the history of the black and white cookie.

How Long Have These Cookies Been Around

One thing people love about the Black and White Cookie Company is that they have a long-standing history and story connected with the New York area. In the late 19th century, these cookies were created in up-state New York in an Austrian bakery. That means the people of New York and East Coasters have been able to enjoy these cookies for over 100 years. As the company grew and became even more popular they branched out to not only be sold in store, but also allow people to shop and order cookies online as well. That way everyone has a chance to enjoy these perfect century old cookies.

What Do the Cookies Taste Like?

Do you battle with the struggle of having to choose between sweet vanilla and creamy chocolate? Well battle no longer! These delicious cakes like cookies feature both chocolate and vanilla fondant top. That way anyone who chooses to try them gets the best of both worlds. However, that’s just the topping of the cookie. The cookie itself is enough to make any mouth water.

These cookies have been quoted being called “the real thing”. Why though? Because these cookie are all made by hand by bakers that have been doing it for years. They are made completely kosher, with no preservatives, Tran’s fats, or corn syrup. That way you know you are eating all natural.

What makes these cookies even better? They have a cake like texture with a subtle lemon flavor that compliments the chocolate and vanilla fondant perfectly.

How Can You Taste These Cookies

As stated above the Black and White Cookie Company wants everyone to be able to enjoy this part of history. Therefore, they have made ordering online simple. However, if you can’t handle the wait, all cookies are handmade in Brooklynn. This way, if you live in the area or plan to visit soon, you can stop by and enjoy the treat in person. However, if you can’t just place your order online and enjoy the always free shipping to make the deal even sweeter.

After you have ordered your cookies, gotten them in the mail and ready to eat them your only issue you will be faced with is how, Chocolate first, vanilla first, or maybe you should just start in the middle and enjoy both flavors at once. No matter how you choose, you won’t regret spoiling yourself with these rich long-standing cookies.

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Are you considering having a holiday party? Do you have everything already picked out and all that is left now is the dessert? You, of course, can make several different pies and maybe even bake cookies and cakes. However, who really has that much time? One option you have that you might not know about is Black and White Cookies. Want to know more about black and white cookies and why you should choose them? Read this article to learn more about Black and White cookies.

1. Classic Black and White Cookies

If you are looking for the perfect holiday cookie to serve at your next holiday party, you can’t go wrong with the classic cookie brought to you by the Black and White Cookie Company. This cookie is traditional and has been a hit for over 100 years. It features a fondant icing that is one-half vanilla and white and the other half chocolate and black. This way everyone gets the best of both worlds and the colors stay traditional so that no one’s religious beliefs are offended. Besides, when you go with black and white you go with a classic color that goes with all the decor you have used to decorate.

2. Red and Green Colored Cookies

One of the best things about the Black and White Cookie Company is that all cookie fondant colors can be customized. If you are hosting a holiday party, then chances are many of your guests are going to be celebrating Christmas. Therefore, the red and green colored cookies will fit perfectly at any holiday party centered on Christmas. Everyone will be wondering which flavors these cookies are as they bite into them only to find the best of both worlds. Chocolate, vanilla, and even a subtle lemon flavor. If you choose to go with this style cookie then they will be the talk of the night.

3. Blue and Silver or Blue and White Cookies

The holidays are also when the Jewish religion celebrates Hanukkah. The Black and White Cookie Company has the perfect cookies for your Hanukkah festivities. They come in any colors you desire. However, the most popular Hanukkah designed cookies are those colored blue and silver or even blue and white. To make these cookies even better for your celebration, they are handmade and kosher! These melt in your mouth cookies will be a favorite no matter what design you choose to go with. These cookies are perfect for your holiday party.

These cookies don’t only come in these few colors. The Black and White Cookie Company can customize these cookies in any color you desire. The Black and White Cookie Company wants you to choose them to help make your next holiday party memorable. With the long-standing history and mouthwatering options, you can’t go wrong when you choose to go with these perfect tasting cookies. Visit their website today to place your order, and as always, free shipping to make your order even sweeter!

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