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A new school term is a perfect time to revamp the game plan for packing your child’s lunch. Whether it is just a quick break from schoolwork or for gathering energy levels at a Summer camp, nothing excites a kid quite like a pack healthy lunch. Ditch the cream-filled cakes and over-processed foods and opt for healthy items that pack a nutritional punch. With proper planning, you can stop the morning rush that mostly results in stuffing high-salt, high-fat foods in a bag while your child sprints of to catch the school bus. Here are some foods to pack in your child’s lunch box for a perfect day at school.

Mini-Pizza Thursday

This is probably the lunchbox version of literally every child’s favorite food. Small bread toasts, crackers, baby pitas or flatbreads are all possible options for pizza to fit your child’s little hands. You could even involve your kids to gather the ingredients and let them pick on the choices they love best. You can go ahead to add various colorful fruits and vegetables for a wholesome meal. Also, remember to include an element of fun!

Mediterranean Monday

For your child’s lunchbox, a healthy Mediterranean meal should not miss out especially on the first day of the week. If you barely have sufficient time in the morning to pack a nice lunch for your school-going kid, you can opt for a meal that can be made in a flash and taste as delicious as it is healthy. You can make a batch of hummus for a fun dip with the veggies. A single scoop of hummus is rich in protein, filled with healthy fats and lots of minerals and vitamins. Besides, it is an ideal remedy for lunchtime hunger, and it’s a good way to slip some tasty vegetables into your kid’s meal. Some celery sticks and carrots will help them dip in. Remember to add enough for the friends to try too; sharing is caring.

Eggs in a Nest Friday Lunch

Leave alone the soggy sandwiches and extremely processed packaged snacks. With proper planning and preparation, your child is just about to discover yet another reason to love their Friday. Fun and filled with extreme crunchy goodness- an egg sits on a nest of shredded carrots and surrounded by a small vegetable garden. This meal for your kid’s Friday lunch never fails to spark their imagination.

Amazing Cookies

Kids love a yummy cookie. Forget about the cookies from the local bakery. Pack some homemade cookies in your child’s lunch box or better yet order some from The Black and White Cookie Company instead. Be a bright spark and make them more memorable by using natural coloring for a cookie they will not forget anytime soon. In fact, it does take a little while to come off your kid’s tongue.

Going to school for some kids might be fun, but as the hours go by, energy flags and crankiness sets in. These four easy-to-carry foods are guaranteed to lift your child’s spirit and keep them humming all along.

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