Top 3 Black and White Cookies to Serve at Your Next Holiday Party

Top 3 Black and White Cookies to Serve at Your Next Holiday Party

Are you considering having a holiday party? Do you have everything already picked out and all that is left now is the dessert? You, of course, can make several different pies and maybe even bake cookies and cakes. However, who really has that much time? One option you have that you might not know about is Black and White Cookies. Want to know more about black and white cookies and why you should choose them? Read this article to learn more about Black and White cookies.

1. Classic Black and White Cookies

If you are looking for the perfect holiday cookie to serve at your next holiday party, you can’t go wrong with the classic cookie brought to you by the Black and White Cookie Company. This cookie is traditional and has been a hit for over 100 years. It features a fondant icing that is one-half vanilla and white and the other half chocolate and black. This way everyone gets the best of both worlds and the colors stay traditional so that no one’s religious beliefs are offended. Besides, when you go with black and white you go with a classic color that goes with all the decor you have used to decorate.

2. Red and Green Colored Cookies

One of the best things about the Black and White Cookie Company is that all cookie fondant colors can be customized. If you are hosting a holiday party, then chances are many of your guests are going to be celebrating Christmas. Therefore, the red and green colored cookies will fit perfectly at any holiday party centered on Christmas. Everyone will be wondering which flavors these cookies are as they bite into them only to find the best of both worlds. Chocolate, vanilla, and even a subtle lemon flavor. If you choose to go with this style cookie then they will be the talk of the night.

3. Blue and Silver or Blue and White Cookies

The holidays are also when the Jewish religion celebrates Hanukkah. The Black and White Cookie Company has the perfect cookies for your Hanukkah festivities. They come in any colors you desire. However, the most popular Hanukkah designed cookies are those colored blue and silver or even blue and white. To make these cookies even better for your celebration, they are handmade and kosher! These melt in your mouth cookies will be a favorite no matter what design you choose to go with. These cookies are perfect for your holiday party.

These cookies don’t only come in these few colors. The Black and White Cookie Company can customize these cookies in any color you desire. The Black and White Cookie Company wants you to choose them to help make your next holiday party memorable. With the long-standing history and mouthwatering options, you can’t go wrong when you choose to go with these perfect tasting cookies. Visit their website today to place your order, and as always, free shipping to make your order even sweeter!

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