Top 3 Reasons Black and White Cookies Make Great Party Favors for June Weddings

Top 3 Reasons Black and White Cookies Make Great Party Favors for June Weddings

Weddings today are much more personalized and unique to each individual. Rather than the ‘cookie cutter’ weddings of decades ago, couples today are choosing to break all tradition and do things their way. This means that party favors don’t have to be all about fruitcake! They can be anything you wish, so hey why not give your guests delicious, creamy cookies to take home? The Black and White Cookie Company has an array of unique and tasty treats that melt-in-your-mouth. You can order cookies online if you don’t live in the Brooklyn area. Here are the top 3 reasons Black and White cookies make great party favors for June weddings:

  • Unique: Let’s face it – no one eats fruitcake, no matter how pretty the packaging. These pieces sit in someone’s china cabinet or shelf for years untouched; or, they simply get thrown out, to be forgotten forever. Cookie party favors make a unique gift. It lets your guests know that you appreciate their involvement in your special day. Black and white cookies are lovingly made with a cake-like texture and then covered with half chocolate and half vanilla These New York cookies were sadly only available to those in the local area in the past, but thanks to the internet and technology, they can be ordered and delivered almost anywhere. When you order cookies online, you don’t have to worry about them not being fresh when they arrive. They are packaged and sealed so they are as fresh when they are delivered as when they came out of the oven in the bakery.
  • Cost effective: Party favors can get quite expensive, and if you don’t have a large budget you can quickly find yourself struggling to pay for everything. Guests expect a good meal or buffet at a wedding, nice surroundings, and great music, so that is where a bulk of wedding budgets go. When you order traditional cookies online and use them as party favors for your guests, you are opting for a more cost effective approach to giving your guests a memento to take home.
  • Tasty: Of course, your guests may not wait to get home before diving into these treats! They look as good as they taste; vanilla with just a hint of lemon, covered in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. The biggest dilemma will be which side of the cookie to eat first. Don’t expect these to sit on a shelf for years, or get thrown away; they are sure to get gobbled up, either at your wedding reception or as soon as your guests arrive home – they’re that irresistible! These are every bit as good as your grandmother used to make (ok, maybe just a tad better but don’t tell her that). The company has spent more than a century perfecting their recipe.

So if you are planning a June wedding, make sure your party favors include these delicious black and white cookies. These are so popular they were featured on an episode of the iconic sitcom Seinfeld. So if they’re good enough for Jerry, they’re surely good enough for your wedding guests!

The Black and White Cookie Company has been Brooklyn’s premier bakery for more than a century. Visit the website for more information about our delicious offerings.

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