Top 3 Reasons Black and White Cookies Make Great Presents

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Who ever thought of this dessert is so called “cookie” but it’s not a cookie at all?  The half black (chocolate flavor fondant) and white dipped or frosted flat cake is so unique that it became famous and every New Yorker loves to eat it as a snack.

History says that these cookies were started in Germany during World War II during the conquering of US state, but nowadays, these shortbread pastries originally made in Uptown but became famous in New York City, which is traditionally called the “Half Moon” due to its appearance as the half moon during night time.

Treat yourself with its chocolate and vanilla frosting on top, sometimes dipped which can be the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.


The bread tastes bland but with the help of its frosting, it gives a perfect taste of chocolate and vanilla. It deserves its simplicity as we enjoy munching its cupcake –type bread since these cookies are not really cookies, its bread. They taste amazing and once you have tried a black and white cookie from The Black and White Cookie Company you will want another one.

Uniqueness and appearance

These cookies come in all sizes, some bakers create a huge cookie that is larger than your palm, and there are also small shaped cookies for bite size, which is a good gift for kids.

Uniqueness comes in the bread used for these cookies. Bakeries experiment on other flavors like velvet cupcake style bread, some use doughnuts as the base and these are filled with black and white frosting – like what Donut Pub did– with custard filling inside.

If you think that these pastries are too boring, bakeries create heart shaped black and white cookies especially for Valentine’s Day or special occasions.

Bakeries create their own version of black and white cookies by designing its cookie top with a combination of black and white filling, whereas some of them use separate black and white filling per cookie.

These are just a few of the reasons that Black and White cookies make great presents. Remember to buy a few whenever the occasion comes around. Contact The Black and White Cookie Company for more information today.


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