What Are the Top Three Types or Groups of Cookie Lovers?



Kids take the prize when it comes to the top 3 types or groups of people that are cookie lovers. A second group could be described as furry blue monsters that eat cookies by the dozen. In all seriousness, cookie monsters are of course fictional, but let’s go back to the kids that love their cookies. I have a story about that.

I love cookies, but I don’t buy them as often as I want them because of two things, my budget and just watching my diet. I’m 35, so I kind of have to worry about stuff like that, at least a little bit. So the other day I bought cookies along with some other stuff, and I got on the elevator when I got back. A family was on there with a kid who immediately noticed I had cookies and mentioned them out loud! Kids will notice when cookies are around, and they always are in the mood for them.

The second group of people that love cookies is older people. Seniors love their cookies, and they love to give their grandkids cookies. Sometimes older people are a little out of touch with what the new generations like, but who in the world can keep up with the cookie world these days anyway. There is a whole section devoted to nearly 20 types of Oreo cookies and then think about all the other types of cookies there are.

You can get fresh baked cookies from delis. One of my favorites is the oatmeal raisin cookies, and another of my favorites is the Mega Stuff Oreo cookies. I also like the Chips Ahoy cookies that are soft batch and filled with fudge. In fact, I could go on and on about all the different types of great cookies out there. You don’t just have to get fresh baked cookies from the deli either because you can bake them yourself at home, too.

My sister is the best at baking cookies, but she doesn’t make them from scratch. My dad used to make them from scratch, but they weren’t the best in the world. It’s the thought that counts. My mom’s neighbor makes great cookies and other homemade treats during the holidays and hands them out to all her neighbors. So far, I’ve identified two of the three top types or groups of people that are cookie lovers.

The third group of people that are cookie lovers are people that aren’t on a strict diet. People that are trying to watch their weight often don’t eat as many cookies, as I mentioned about myself earlier. Of course, there are many subgroups of people that commonly like cookies. You can group them up anyway you like, but there are plenty of cookie lovers out there.

When you’re in the grocery store, it’s almost like they have their own aisle. What cookie lover group do you fall into? I may have eaten more cookies when I was younger, but I would still say I’m a cookie monster myself.

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