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Father’s Day is coming soon, and people celebrate it by pampering their dear father in the month of June. Do you already have presents to give to your beloved dads? Dads love presents! Why not give the gift of cookies this coming Father’s Day? With that being said, read on below for some of the top reasons your dad will love cookies as a treat this year.

Why cookies? Originally, Germans called it as “koekje,” meaning small cakes. Cookies are a kind of biscuit but much softer with different toppings that will surely make your mouth water. The most famous cookie is the chocolate chip cookie and people, including dads, love it.

Reasons why dad will love cookies:

  • Dad loves sweet foods that he can share with his kids and grandkids.
  • Dad loves eating snacks while at work.
  • Dad loves surprises. Cookies are a great treat for him because of they come in different colors, sizes, and flavors.
  • Dad loves anything you give him because it came from you!


Different Kinds of Cookies Your Dad Will Surely Love

Traditional chocolate chip cookies

Share your love by giving a chewy chocolate chip cookie, baked with different chunks of chocolate that your father will eat for days. Chocolate chunks may vary in different flavors such as milk chocolate and dark chocolate – for those who love a more bitter taste; white chocolate will light up dad’s taste buds.

Healthy cookies

Some of our dads love to work out, so we can give them healthy foods like oatmeal cookies, nutty cookies such as hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, etc., there are also fruity cookies that will make your dad want more, like banana cookies and blueberry or raisin cookies.

Special cookies

Special Cookies are also cool as present such as – Rum or wine cookies for those dads who love food with a little bit of alcohol. Chocolate dough cookies are also in demand when it comes to fathers who pretty much love chocolates. There are some toasted cookies that you can munch like a biscuit and cookies that can be dipped in jams and milk.

Fried cookies are the latest trend in the cookie world that many people have come to love, which is the substitution of baking, such as Oreo deep fried cookie – is a kind of cookie that has a whole Oreo sandwich that is coated by chocolate chip cookie dough and deep fried. This is a tasty treat that will make your tummy beg for more.

These are just a few of the reasons that cookies are the gift to give this Father’s Day. Try some yourself and see if you agree. Don’t forget the black and white cookies to put in your gift to your dad. They are the best there is!

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The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and soon the pool toys will be coming out. There are many occasions during the spring and summer months where you are going to need either gifts or snacks to feed a hungry horde. Everyone knows that black and white cookies are great to eat and easy to hand out to a hungry crowd. What you might not know is that there are many occasions where they will do the trick. With that being said, read on below for some of the top spring and summer occasions where these cookies are needed and will be greatly appreciated as well.


 June is when the graduations start. Whether it’s the pre-K, kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, or that all important high school graduation cookies are a treat that everyone will love. You can order some black and white cookies and give them as a graduation gift wrapped all nice and neat in a pretty container or feed them to everyone at the after-graduation party for a sumptuous treat.

Father’s Day

 Father’s Day is also in June and what could be better than to give your father the gift of cookies. If your father is like mine, he has every gift under the sun, and you are always scrambling for something to give him. There is nothing better than a tin of his favorite cookies to make him happy on Father’s Day. Throw in a couple of season tickets to his favorite team’s baseball games and you will certainly have a home run.

End of the Year School Parties

 Everyone does end of the school year parties. June is full of parties for everyone from elementary school kids to seniors about to embark on life. Make sure that you add cookies to the food that you are going to serve to your guests. The cookies are easy to clean up after, can be eaten on the run, and make the perfect snack for everything from a waterslide party to a party in the garden of your home.

Fourth of July Party

 The big event of the summer, of course, is the fourth of July. Everyone will be out in full mass to celebrate the freedom of our country. If you are throwing a July 4th bash, then you can’t forget to order the cookies. They go great with hot dogs, hamburgers, and fireworks.

Back to School/Off to College

 As the summer draws to a close, you will want to have plenty of cookies to pack for your little one’s lunch when they are back in school. Cookies also make the perfect gift for your older ones to take with them to college. Make sure to keep the cookies in a large supply to send in those care packages you are sure to send to your college freshman.


These are just a few of the events that will demand cookies this spring and summer. For more information on the best cookies around, visit The Black and White Cookie Company today.